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I believe in your smile everyday,
will you stay close to me when it starts to rain.
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6th-Nov-2007 08:31 pm - Everything's Going... good...
close up face
 I've done a lot lately. May I dare say that i feel... accomplished?!
First I finished training, well not finished but at least learned something new. Both from Gaara-sensei and Yukiji-chan. Even better. Good thing I came to Konoha too, or I wouldn't have met Yukiji-chan. But I also met Akemmi-san and Aida-san also!

I've gone out to eat so much lately! First Aida-san made food... that one time... And then I met Akemmi-san and onee-chan. Then I just went out with Naruto-san and Gaara-sensei.

It feels weird, to be truthful. All the new people that I've met and everything, it feels easier to talk to them, to breath around them. As if all the shyness melted away. It was annoying too, but habitual. Oh well. Everything seems to be going better so far, I'm actually... looking forward too wondering about the trip with Aida-san.

Oh! Speaking of. I don't know if everyone knows or not... But anyone who knows Aida-san or myself is welcome to come. I should probably extend that invitation out farther and say anyone in Konoha..... but ...... We plan to go to the beach, if it ever happens. But it should be fun. I hope everyone can go.

Now I just have to resurrect my bathing suit from somewhere. Even if it's a one piece that Aida-san says I shouldn't wear. :[

13th-Oct-2007 09:14 am(no subject)
"Intense- training." That's what Temari-san calls it. I think it's "we're- going- to-kill- you-before- you-reach-16 training"  Yet, I am happy. I am learning something. I just hate the thought that while I'm here in Konoha the people back home are going to surpass me, and since I've practically done nothing up until now, it can't be too hard. All those people from my class... they're probably doing better than me...

I shouldn't think that. Everything will turn out fine... I hope.
13th-Sep-2007 10:31 pm - Blue Hair.
I am enjoying writing in these journals. I don't know why other people thought that they were so bothersome! They're cute. ^.^ I don't know, maybe it's just me. But this whole journaling thing is fun, I'm glad that someone thought of it. Took me long enough to get one though, I should have done this so long ago!

I'm convinced that if I change my hair he'll notice me. Really, I think it would work. Maybe highlighted hair.
Or maybe I'm just to young for him...
No it's the hair.

Really now. Is a little training time with my sensei SO MUCH to ask for? But of course... he's always busy. Just my luck to pick the one that doesn't want to train... I'm completely joking. But not about the training part! Gaara-sensei never trains with me anymore. He's always busy with something. But I guess that's okay, I can just train on my own and show him how much I improve! I'm sure everything will be fine.
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